April 4, 2016

Mas D’En Blei

Mas D’En Blei winery history is as recent as successful. Located in the small town La Morera de Montsant, which is part of the prestigious D.O.Ca. Priorat wine region, its activity has begun with the restauration of the old farmhouse of the place, dated in 1756, and the planting around the farm of around 20,000 strains of different grape varieties, such as Grenache or Carignan. The restored farmhouse, along with the cellar, are perfectly integrated in a typical Mediterranean idyllic setting, placed on the banks of Siurana River and which presents the unique characteristics of the Priorat region.

Priorat qualified wine appellation gives to the wines produced in the region recognition of highest quality. The singularity of its wines is mostly due to the peculiar features of their farmland. The orography of the region alternates valleys and small plains with highly rugged areas, so this situation has forced many times to use the terrain planting the strains in slopes and terraces of small dimensions, which creates a high density vineyard. This kind of terrain is known as licorella, and it is constituted with slate slopes called coster, which have defined the landscape of the region. Priorat is a zone of contrasts that manifest both in its geography and climate, which is characterized by contrasts between long and warm summers and winters with temperatures below 0, and differences between valleys and highlands.

The importance of the landscape as an expression of the identity and culture of the region is also present as one of the Mas D’En Blei values, which aims to give their wines a distinct personality and make their bouquet loyal to the land where they grow. Now, the special taste of the Mas D´En Blei wines has arrived to 9 countries along Europe and America. The result of the effort of the winery is condensed in the quality of their wines, which have been recognized with several awards:

Clos Martina is one of their most special wines due to its elaboration with White Grenache, which is a peculiarity of the winery since it is a rare grape variety in the vineyards of Priorat area. This wine has an aging period of 6 months in French oak barrel and its colour is a slightly greyish straw-yellow. Its aroma evolves from toasted to fresh and fruity, and it is characterized by a strong entry on the palate.

Liber is their top red, aged in French oak barrel during 14 months and it has a cherry colour with violet hints. The bouquet of Liber is fruity with hints of smoked wood and mineral hints. It is a very tasteful wine, with all the good expressions of Priorat.

Blei, the most representative red of Mas D’En Blei, goes through an aging process of 12 months in French oak barrels. The result of this aging is a well-integrated aroma of fruit, smoked wood and mineral notes, as well as a fruity and mineral palate, very youthful and fresh.